Business services

Boxexpress Solutions offers storage opportunities and helps professionals find solutions all over France.

If you are looking for the best answer to your proximity, accessibility and cost needs, Boxexpress will find and offer solutions for storing goods for your sales representatives, medical sales representatives and technicians which will ease the management of their in-store advertising, spare parts, samples or any other goods.

Since our sites are ideally located close to your employees’ residences and catchment, visit or intervention areas, we can meet all your needs for storage units, loading bay storage or container everywhere in France.

Boxexpress provides access to its complete network of partners all over France. This is how we can guarantee shorter reaction times with less stored goods and more control over your delivery management.

If you store your spare parts, in-store advertising or samples with our partners, you can:

  • Centralize your stock and reduce the size of your warehouse, backroom-stock, etc.
  • Reduce the distance traveled by your mobile teams (medical sales representatives, technicians, promoters, sales representatives, etc.) and hence dedicate more time to the service
  • Adjust your stock according to the season or special offers, etc. in order to optimize your expenses

We offer competitive pricing and more and more services (reception of goods, lending of handling equipment, waste disposal, etc.).

Advantages for professionals

  1. Special and competitive pricing,
  2. One single discussion partner dedicated to you who will answer your requests in less than 48 hours,
  3. Simplified administrative management including the setup of a master contract and unique and complete billing, independent of the number of storing places you need,
  4. Total flexibility allowing you to change the storage surface according to your arrivals and shipments,
  5. Reception of deliveries in your absence and sending a confirmation of reception via text message or email,
  6. Waste disposal,
  7. No extra lease or tax of any kind.

Are you looking for storage places everywhere in France? Boxexpress is the solution to your multi-site needs that will accompany your project.

National accounts already trust us. Read our Customer stories.