About us

The concept of Boxexpress started when we realized that no company was able to offer storage facilities to professionals everywhere in France, wherever they are located.

Thanks to several years of experience in transport, Boxexpress will provide solutions to you storage issues. If you are looking for safe storage facility for your goods, Boxexpress will make you a personalized offer according to your location and budget at the earliest opportunity.

Whether you are an individual or a company looking for self-storage, furniture storage or storage and transportation services, we will efficiently process your request. On that account, Boxexpress created a network of self-storage and furniture storage professionals and logisticians who will fulfil your expectations.

Boxexpress Solutions, through our network of affiliates, has the best answer in terms of proximity, accessibility and cost to your storage issues.

The network of our partners gathers professionals who have been selected by our team in order to offer the best and same service quality everywhere.

Throughout our network, the storage facilities you will find:

  • Are clean, dry and secured
  • Offer unlimited access 7 days a week according to the location
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Can bet leased for as long as you want

Boxexpress is THE tailored solution for all your storage issues.