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We are particularly satisfied with Boxexpress’ efficiency when it comes to nationwide coverage and fulfilling our partners’ expectations, receiving deliveries and notifying our sales representatives via text messages or emails, flexibility allowing us to quickly set up or close storage facilities, as well as the simplicity to check the centralised bill.

Pascal SIMEAU, Project manager

Boxexpress offers self-storage nationwide, which is essential since our sales force is spread throughout France, and their service is ideal, which is a true advantage.

Frédéric POZZO, Logistic Coordinator France
Novo Nordisk

Boxexpress has become an indispensable partner on the French market! Within a year, we managed together to optimize our storage spaces leasing expenses (self-storage facilities and warehouses.) We could thus spare 30% on the 2013 budget while enhancing the service offered to Moët Hennessy Diageo employees: increased time span and waste and delivery management.

Boxexpress provided us with an all-inclusive solution that was perfect for our needs, together with clear and detailed invoicing.

David PHOUDTHAVONG, Head of General Services
Moët Hennessy Diageo