Whether you are looking for self-storage or regular furniture storage room, Boxexpress is the tailored solution for all your storage issues.

Rent the place you need where you need it and for the best price.

Boxexpress offers secured self-storage solutions for professionals and centralised management of all your needs.

Professional storage for your sales representatives and customer services

Boxexpress focuses on mobility in order to offer the best services to both professionals and individuals. The local and national requests we receive are centralised. You will have a single contact who will meet your needs and assist you throughout your project.

In order to provide you with the best services every time, we selected storage and self-storage professionals to create the network of our partners. Those partners are ideally located to reduce moving between home and storage place.

A Single contact to assist you throughout your project

Whatever the number of storage places you need, you will only need to speak with one person.

Nearby storage, adapted to your needs

Both individuals and professionals will find the perfect solution in just a few clicks everywhere in France.

Centralized billing

Boxexpress offers simplified administrative management and all-in-one billing, independent of the number of storage places you are using.

Reception of your goods and packages

Our partners will be there when goods are delivered while you are away and will notify you via text message or email.

About Boxexpress Solutions

Boxexpress Solutions gathered a network of known storage, self-storage and logistics professionals so that your needs can be fulfilled anywhere in France.

That way, you can be sure that, everywhere in France, the storage or self-storage spaces are:

  • Clean, dry and secured,
  • In unlimited access 24/7 according to the places,
  • At competitive prices,
  • Easy to subscribe to and unsubscribe from.

Our commitment

Boxexpress means 323 storage and self-storage solutions everywhere in France.

We offer storage places from 1 to 150sq. meters in secured places and accessible for free, available 7* days a week (*may differ depending on the centres).

Boxexpress will be by your side to help you find the best solution according to your needs. Our self-storage, furniture storage and logistics professionals offer more and more services to meet your needs as much as possible.

Your satisfaction is our priority!