Personal services

You relocate or do not have enough room in your new place of residence, you refurbish your home, you are a student and need to leave your apartment temporarily, your company sends you to another location, you inherit or get divorced, you need room to store your summer or winter clothes, etc.

Boxexpress is the solution for all of you storage problems.

Lack of room is becoming a real issue, because city housing gets smaller and smaller, while people always need more room.

Looking for room sometimes means finding external solutions. Since you cannot always increase your living space, Boxexpress can help optimize the available room, free your living and public space, to make your life more pleasant.

The network of our partners gathers self-storage professionals and storage facilities that can follow you throughout your project, from moving to storage thanks to a complete range of services (storage units or furniture cases rental, moving, commercial vehicle rental, packing agency, insurance, etc.).

Regardless of how long you need it, we will provide you with a secured and private storage unit.

Advantages for individuals

  1. Easily accessible storage space near you, safe and available when you need it,
  2. No binding period after the first month’s lease,
  3. Service providers that will be there for you all along you project,
  4. Possibility of extra services (movers or commercial vehicles rental, packing agency, insurance adapted to your goods’ value, etc.)

Furniture storage or self-storage, choose what you really need from the list of our service providers.