What kind of storage do you offer?


Self-storage is modern-day furniture storage. Il consists of nothing but an extra room to your place of residence, in which you can store your winter clothes, garden furniture, etc. It can also be an extension to your backroom storage, an extra room to optimise the surface of your shop, etc.

The idea behind self storage, as opposed to the usual furniture storage, is to access the storage area easily rather than pack a small surface with as many items as possible. You can freely access your goods whenever you want (free of entry or collection charge, no appointment needed, etc.).

Individuals and professionals can store their goods for a short or long time in clean and secured places of various sizes. And only you have the key or code to your storage.

The safety of your goods is ensured through 24/7 monitoring via cameras linked to a security centre, fire alarms, etc.

Self storage offers easier access than normal furniture storage. You can access your belongings during very long opening times (or even unlimited, 24/7) thanks to a personalised access code. Use of the handling equipment is complimentary, and you can also find a shop where you will find everything you need when moving (cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, dispenser, etc.), along with other services, such as vehicle rental.

Traditional furniture storage

The transport of your goods (from your place to the warehouse and from the warehouse to your place) is taken care of by a moving company that will list and store your goods in a container. The container is then sealed in your presence. Lead seals are a guarantee of top security storage. The sealing can be made in front of you, at your place or at the warehouse.

The containers are usually made of wood. They are ventilated so that your goods are aerated.

Similarly to self-storage, your belongings are safely stored in a place monitored 24/7 via surveillance cameras linked to a security centre and equipped with fire alarms, etc.

With normal furniture storage, you cannot access your items while they are stored. This is not like an extra room to your residence. Any interaction with the container can only be made by appointment, and will be charged.

The container

This is storage in a dry and ventilated ship-like container. The advantage is that you can directly access the container by car, and usually 24/7. The facilities are monitored via cameras and/or by security guards, and only you know the access code to your storage.

Loading bay storage

This is the solution when there is no self-storage solution.

Usually, only professionals need to store pallets in racks or on the ground with the same guarantees as self-storage but at lower cost.

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Can anything be stored?

For obvious security reasons, companies do not allow flammable, dangerous, illegal, toxic, perishable or smelly materials, or any contaminants or explosives.

When it comes to traditional furniture storage, the entry inventory prevents any unauthorised material from being stored. As for the other types of storage, the natural or legal person who stores their goods is responsible. The list of forbidden materials usually appears on the contracts and/or in the internal rules and regulations of the storage facility.

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What should be done when renting a storage place?

Individuals only need the following:

  • Proof of identity, passport, etc
  • Proof of residence
  • Bank account details.

In case other persons shall be allowed access to the storage place, this needs to be requested when signing the contract. A copy of those persons’ IDs are needed.

For professionals, you will need:

  • Certificate of incorporation (not older than 3 months)
  • Bank account details

The manager has to sign the contract. In case he or she cannot be there, a mandate and the manager’s ID is necessary.

For national accounts looking for a multi-site storage solution, Boxexpress offers a global contract that includes all the storage locations and a unique billing to make the administrative process easier.

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What is the cost for renting storage?

The price for storage is calculated according to the surface or volume, whatever the type of storage you want. According to your needs, you can rent from 1 to 50 square metres (or more if you request it.) Since evaluating what you need can be tricky, teams of professionals can help you calculate precisely the ideal renting surface.

Additionally to the renting price, each storage facility could charge you with extra fees, such as insurance for your goods, deposit (that will be reimbursed at the end of the renting period) or handling fees.

For professionals or national accounts wishing to rent several rooms all over France, Boxexpress is at your service and will offer you an all-in-one estimation for a competitive fare, thanks to our network of more than 323 locations.

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How can I terminate my contract?

If you want to terminate a rental contract, you just need to send a termination letter to the corresponding location as a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. Most of our partners also accept that you deliver such a mail in person, or send a termination email. The notice may vary according to the service provider. You can usually expect 15 days’ notice, but it can also be 1 month.

Please make sure to remove your lock (if applicable) and leave a clean and empty storage place to avoid having to pay longer rental time or waste disposal service.

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